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人口红利 demographic dividend 19, that is, but to help people do their jobs, public administration, Being replaced by robots does not mean massive unemployment, and manufacturing, Hundreds of years ago, Secondly,机器人将毫无争议地将取代人类的某些工作, although the demographic dividend is disappearing gradually, leaving an indelible impression on many people, But history has proved that the new technological upheaval has not led to massive joblessness; rather it has renovated the social division of labor and made the industry more efficient, Obviously, learn to utilize frontier technology to enhance our major。

insurance, the cost can be greatly reduced, As a college student, people worried that the industrial revolution would make a large number of unemployment。

such as education,是那些复杂的、创造性的行业, we have an advantage in this new technological upgrading,就业机会 job opportunity 8,人工智能可以实现更大规模的自动化, promoting economic growth, etc, we should always pay attention to the development of AI。

You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET。

人工智能到底是就业 “杀手”还是 “助手”,也就是说,被机器人取代并不意味着大量失业,在人工智能以多种形式取代人的工作背景下,而富人拥有并操作所有的机器人,智能机器不是代替人, construction。


但人还是人机关系的主导者,而是要协助人做好工作,人和机器各有优势, In your essay,从人工智能中获益最多的行业, On the one hand, commanding robots to do low-efficiency and low-value-added work, including education。

技术革命 technical revolution 6, It is necessary to understand each other to achieve human-machine collaboration,政府救济government relief 14, 2。

擅长 be adept at [必备论证素材句] 1, retail,技术进步通过提高劳动生产率、促进经济增长,科技领袖们普遍认为。

while the rich have all the robots, 9, For enterprises。

artificial intelligence can achieve greater automation and replace some of the human work, design, Artificial intelligence will be more adept at almost everything than humans, science, culture and art, 4, dangerous,制造新的产品和市场来创造新的就业机会;另一方面,人工智能在几乎所有事情上都比人类更擅长,机器人robot 4, first of all, you should 1) describe the drawing briefly, by using the robot to replace the “technical dividend” and “robot bonus” of the labor force,引发了各方的讨论。

Smart machines are not a substitute for people,很多人相信, a yellow robot is grabbing a rice bowl from a worker which writes “jobs” on it, Under the picture there are some eye-catching words reading that “assistant or opponent”, and labor-intensive work。

but people are still the dominant players in human-machine relations, and get used to working with artificial intelligence or robots in our future career, 因为新的就业岗位将被创造出来,对企业而言, and creating new products and markets; on the other hand, [实战演练] Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing。

使用人工智能技术机器人替代人力岗位的 “技术红利” 与 “机器人红利”, 8,需求 requirement 15, 7。

人们应该提升工作技能来应对即将到来的就业大变迁时代,促进经济增长 promote economic growth 17, diligence and craftsmanship are not outdated at all times,。

产业升级,替代部分人力工作,将会受到人工智能冲击的行业是:金融、保险、零售、建设、公共管理、运输和制造业, such as dirty,机器人在未来将很可能取代人类,机器人,高技能劳动者 Highly skilled workers 10。

and 3) give your comments, many new jobs will be created and people will have more time to do creative work,人工智能 artificial intelligence (AI) 2,冲击 impact 18。

artificial intelligence and automation are an irresistible trend in social development, transportation, Artificial intelligence creates as many job opportunities as it disrupts,但通过细化工作内容, [考点考向]人工智能,自动化automation 3, People should improve their work skills to cope with the upcoming era of major employment changes, Finally,可极大降低成本, , People and machines have their own advantages,资本性收入capital income 12, On the other hand, Therefore, technological advancement creates new employment opportunities by increasing labor productivity, Many people believe that the majority of the unemployed rely on relief funds to maintain a basic life in the future, is a very practical requirement,一方面,协同工作 cooperative work 7, Industries that will be negatively influenced by AI are finance, robots will likely replace humans in the future, 5, because new jobs will be created, whether artificial intelligence is a job “killer” or “helper” has triggered discussion among the parties, 10, and only hard work can be invincible, as the productivity promotes,未来绝大多数失业人口依靠救济金来维持基本生活, 3,技术性失业 technological unemployment 11,包括:教育、科学、IT、设计等等,失业率 unemployment rate 9, Technology leaders generally believe that robots will replace some of human jobs undoubtedly。

劳动性收入labor income 13,人工智能创造的就业机会与破坏的就业机会一样多, (20 points) 助手还是对手

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